1. Timber or Steel Shed?

First of all, timber sheds are generally made from softwoods. This may be pine/redwood/red deal or spruce/white deal. In general these woods are resistant to rot. Most of the sheds that are sold in Ireland are made from timber, but there are other options. Steel sheds, as opposed to timber sheds won’t rot or burn down. On the flip side, to some they are not as pretty and can be tricky to assemble.

2. Shed size

If you have the space, ColourTrend Sheds recommend you opt for a shed measuring at least 6ft x 8ft. Importantly, these dimensions have double the floor area of a 6ft x 4ft shed and can accommodate a work bench along one side. If you need a shed in a very confined space, make sure you know its precise dimensions.

3. Durability

With the passing of time, a non-durable shed is more likely to develop roof issues, bent sides and a door that may not close properly. You can check for sturdiness by standing inside it, jumping in the centre of the floor and pushing against the centre of the side and roof panels. What to look out for is that you should feel firm resistance rather than flexing.

4. Keeping the rain out

Badly made timber sheds may leak and rot because of rain running down the walls. To minimize the chance of this, the roof should overhang the sides by at least 5 centimetres, and the front and back by at least 7.5cm. Shed windows are prone to rot at the bottom unless they have sloping sills with a drip groove – a groove cut beneath the sill to help water drip to the ground. When standing in a closed shed, the only place you should see daylight is through the windows. Avoid sheds with gaps – if they let in light, they’ll also let in rain.

5. Shed access

This is an important consideration that many prospective shed buyers don’t think about. You need to ensure that those who will be using the shed can access it without tripping over the doorway threshold or indeed banging their head. Also, you need to ensure that the doorway is wide enough to gain access. The wider the opening, the wider the items you’ll be able to bring inside.

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